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Have you ever wondered how some people have such brilliantly white smiles? Their secret might be Zoom® teeth whitening. At Bar and Smith Dental, in Kips Bay and the Upper East Side of New York City, Isaac Bar, DMD, and Tyler Smith, DMD, can give you the smile of your dreams with an in-office or take-home Zoom whitening treatment. Call Bar and Smith Dental or make an appointment online today.

Zoom Q & A

What is Zoom?

Zoom teeth whitening treatments are a professional-grade bleaching treatment that lifts stains and discoloration from your teeth. Bar and Smith Dental offers both in-office and at-home Zoom whitening treatments and provides consultations to help you choose the best treatment to brighten your smile.

While results vary between patients, you may lighten your teeth by up to eight shades with just one quick in-office treatment.

What should I expect during a Zoom teeth whitening treatment?

Your experience with Zoom teeth whitening depends on whether you opt for the in-office treatment or whitening your teeth at home.

Zoom in-office teeth whitening

During an in-office teeth whitening treatment, your dentist places a soft guard in your mouth to hold your lips away from your teeth. Next, they apply a hydrogen peroxide-based gel to your teeth, taking care not to get any on your gums.

Then, to speed up the whitening process, your dentist directs the Zoom WhiteSpeed blue LED lamp onto your teeth. After 45 minutes, your dentist removes the gel from your teeth, and you go home with a picture-perfect smile.

Zoom take-home whitening kit

Zoom at-home treatment takes a bit more time to achieve the same results. Your dentist provides you with custom dental trays and whitening gel. They also give you instructions on how long to wear the trays each day as well as the number of days you need to repeat the treatment for optimal results.

Then, when you’re at home, you fill the dental trays with the whitening gel and place them over your teeth for an allotted amount of time. When you remove the trays, rinse your mouth thoroughly to remove any of the gel from your teeth.

How did my teeth get so yellow anyway?

Yellowing teeth is often a sign of aging. Not only does the dentin inside your teeth become darker, but your tooth enamel thins, allowing the dentin to shine through. Additionally, if you drink coffee, tea, or wine regularly, or if you use tobacco products, your tooth enamel can become discolored.

You may also have tooth discoloration because of trauma to a tooth or if you had to take tetracycline as a child.

If you’re unhappy or feel self-conscious about tooth discoloration, professional teeth whitening treatments and occasional touch-up appointments can give you a dazzling, healthy smile.

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