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If you’re experiencing any pain in your mouth, dental X-rays help in evaluating your oral health and identifying problems. Isaac Bar, DMD, and Tyler Smith, DMD, at Bar and Smith Dental in Kips Bay and the Upper East Side of New York City, use digital X-rays instead of traditional X-ray film to look at your teeth and surrounding structures. Digital X-rays reduce radiation exposure by up to 90% in comparison to traditional X-rays. To learn more about digital X-rays and what they can do for you, call the office or schedule your appointment online.

X-Ray Q & A

What is a digital X-ray?

Digital X-rays are a fast, safe, and efficient way to diagnose dental problems such as tooth decay. The process of taking digital X-rays involves the Bar and Smith Dental team placing an electronic sensor in your mouth to capture an image, which your dentist can instantly see on their computer screen.

Bar and Smith Dental don’t use traditional X-rays because they aim to only use products that pose no threat to your body and work to provide you with optimal health benefits. Additionally, taking traditional X-rays is longer as more steps are required.

What can a digital X-ray diagnose?

X-rays are an excellent tool for the dental staff to help prevent, diagnose, and evaluate potential dental problems. Because not every dental issue is visible to the naked eye, digital X-rays help reveal hidden abnormalities.

Digital X-rays help dentists see the following.

  • Jawbone loss
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders
  • Cavities between your teeth
  • Cysts or abscesses
  • Gum disease
  • Incorrect positioning of your teeth
  • Dental problems between your teeth and jaw

The dentists at Bar and Smith Dental practice preventive dentistry, meaning they take pride in detecting dental problems early. This isn’t only better for your overall health but also helps you avoid more invasive and costly treatments in the future.

What are the benefits of digital X-rays versus traditional X-rays?

There are multiple reasons why the dental team at Bar and Smith Dental use digital X-rays and not traditional film X-rays.

The benefits of digital X-rays begins with the fact that they expose patients to up to 90% less radiation than traditional X-rays, making them less toxic. Also, with digital X-rays, the dental team can view them within seconds of taking them, so your time in the dental chair doesn’t have to be as long.

In addition, digital X-ray pictures are clearer, so it helps the dentists detect any dental issues easier and point them out to you. Lastly, since they’re digital, Bar and Smith Dental saves the pictures to their computer and can email them to you if needed or quickly refer back to them in the future.

Has it been a while since your last digital dental X-ray? If so, call Bar and Smith Dental today or book your appointment online to avoid any long-term dental problems.