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We believe all of our patients should be comfortable investing in the treatment they need to achieve optimal health.  Our practice offers several financial options to enable dental care to fit within your budget.  Whether you have dental benefits or are paying for treatment out of pocket, our team will provide a detailed financial consultation, so you are aware. and comfortable with payment arrangements in advance of any treatment.

What is the Payment Policy?

Payment is due at the time of service.    For larger cases, our team may provide patients the option of dividing payment over the expected time to complete the case.   However, payment must be received in full by the time your case is complete.  Any payment arrangement will be made in advance with our team and reviewed with you each visit.

For any patient with dental benefits, our practice will provide you with a complimentary benefits check prior to your appointment.  Having your dental benefits information ahead of your appointment will enable us to understand your policy and clearly explain fees, copays or deductible associated with any treatment

Does the office accept Care Credit?

Our office does partner with Care Credit to extend long term payment arrangements for more involved treatment.  Care Credit is a third-party payment solution that allows patients to spread payments out over time.  Patients seeking to use Care Credit for payment must apply online.  An answer and approval amount is usually provided upon submitting the electronic application.  Care Credit offers several payment plans, some with no interest.  Our team is trained to provide Care Credit as a payment alternative and will answer any additional questions you have about using Care Credit. You can also click the link below to go directly to Care Credit’s website.

What other payment options does the practice provide?

So we can focus on providing outstanding patient care and service, we prefer to leverage Care Credit and other third-party solutions for our patients.  However, when treatment is more involved in treatment, and encompasses multiple appointments, we may suggest an in-office payment arrangement.  This typically entails breaking up the total cost of treatment over the expected time it will take to complete the full case.  In some instances, this may be equal sums divided over time.   When our practice extends a payment arrangement to patients, all fees will be reviewed in advance of any treatment, and at each appointment.  We are available at any time if you have a question on a payment arrangement

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